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Welcome All Ages!

Step One

Call Us! Select Option One for New Patients.

Our virtual front desk will answer all your questions. If you want to verify your insurance coverage, please, be ready with all your insurance information, allowing us to call your insurance and have this information ready for your complimentary first-time new patients consultation. Our treatment coordinator will call you back to schedule an appointment or make an online booking below.  She also will be happy to answer any additional information you need.

Step Two

Complete New Patients' Online Forms

Please, fill out these forms at least six days before your first appointment so that we will prepare everything for your visit. You DO NOT need to sign in to your Google/Gmail Account to complete this form.

We treat our patients like family and strive to get to know everyone individually from their very first appointment. Dr. Castaneda and our team want you to feel relaxed, totally at ease, and free to ask any questions! We will answer any questions as we evaluate your smile and lay out a clear path during your treatment journey.

Step Three

Check your financial options

We review your insurance coverage for braces and Invisalign and show you the benefits covered by your insurance company and your anticipated out-of-pocket investment. If you don’t have orthodontics benefits, don’t worry, we have a 24 months financing no interest fee!

Credit card

We offer a credit card payment option.

24 months Financing

No interest for 100% of your treatment cost.

Check or Bank Transfer

We offer full payment discounts.

New Patient & Insurance information

  • Get ready with your insurance card.
  • Provide your dental insurance information to review your orthodontic benefits.
  • Be ready your dental history information.
  • Provide your dentist’s contact information.
  • Set up your Complimentary first orthodontics consultation.
  • Complete New Patient Intake Forms.
  • Complete the Covid-19 Form 36 hours before you arrive.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time.